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Watch Out There’s a Quiet Loner In Town
Quiet Loner is Glossop based singer songwriter Matt Hill, previous winner of Americana UK album of the year award, who is about to release his third album, Greedy Magicians. I caught up with Matt at The Star for a timely chat about his wonderful new record and all things Glossop music.

So, the new album…..
“It’s called Greedy Magicians, comes out on November 19th and was recorded earlier this year in a church in Salford, live with a band, all done in one night and most of the songs were done in one take. It wasn’t like a live gig put out as a record, it’s an album of all new material and we invited an audience to the church to witness the recording session.”
It’s a very political album…
“Yes, so it’s a bit of a departure from my previous records, but I had all these songs knocking around that were political in different, various ways and it made sense to put them all together. I thought it would be interesting to record them in a church rather than a recording studio as there is something amazing about the energy of being in a really great space that’s been around since about 1650 and having people around you. It makes for a great atmosphere”.
The songs are very tuneful with lovely arrangements.
It’s interesting as I’ve had a review that said it was like a classic English folk album, which surprised me as it’s not usually the kind of music I would play, but I was pleased with that, it’s nice if people think it’s part of the tradition. There are a lot of influences though. I’m a big Elvis Presley fan and a couple of songs have a nod to him in them”.
I’m very impressed by the singing. Live, recording an album with all the nerves…
I pretty much got away with it I think…… but I had one shot, I didn’t want to mess up, so I did a lot of rehearsing. I didn’t actually play with the whole band until the recording. I’d rehearsed with them individually but they are busy musicians and we pulled it all together on the night. I was probably the most scared I’d ever been in my life! We are going to have a launch for the record on Friday 7th December at the Oakwood with support from Sparkwood & 21 and Emma Thorne. I’m hoping to have a number of the musicians from the album playing with me. It should be a good night”.
Why did you move to Glossop? I met you years ago in Manchester; you grew up in Nottinghamshire, studied in Liverpool and for the last few years were living in that London.
“I don’t know! I was living in central London right near the Shard that big glass building. I’d watch it go up every day and just as it got near to the top I thought it’s time for me to leave. I wanted something quieter and I missed the countryside which was a big driver. I knew Glossop coz one of my mates had lived here for 15 years so I’ve visited on and off for quite a while. I knew you’d moved here so thought at least I’d know some people and it’s worked out alright!”
I wasn’t expecting such a strong music scene, what are your thoughts on it?
“I’ve been astonished by it! I mean I’ve played all over the country and I can’t think of another town of this size that has such a vibrant music scene. Maybe a couple of places like Totnes in Devon perhaps, but it’s reasonably unique I think.
Just the fact that there are 3 dedicated music  venues, plus there are other places that put on live music is great, but the number of musicians here as well and the quality is fantastic. I can honestly say I’ve never seen anyone who’s rubbish and as a musician I’m a tough audience, but every time I go out to see music in Glossop whether at the Moon & Sixpence or the Oakwood it blows me away”.
You’ve already contributed a lot in your 18 months here, promoting gigs and your involvement in the Peoples Festival. Will you continue to do so?
“I think so, yes. For me it’s been a great way to get to know the town and I’ve got lots of friends who are musicians from other parts of the country so it’s a good way for me to see them! I’m really excited about the Peoples Festival, I thought it was amazing and I’m really proud of all of us and what we did and I’d like that to continue. We tried to program stuff that really celebrated Glossop, putting the town and the people at the heart of the festival, whether it was the musicians or the film makers, or the walks and the history.  We live in such a beautiful town, you go all over the country and you can’t find a setting as amazing as this. Just walk out of it go up any of the hills and look down. And then we have all this fantastic art and music going on, it really is a special place”.

Quiet Loner’s Greedy Magicians is released on 19th November on Little Red Rabbit Records and he plays The Oakwood on Friday 7th December.
Let me know if you have any records being released, exciting gigs or other music news. We’re not just here for rock and pop stuff by the way

Steve Roberts

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