Book Review: Picking through the bones: A poet for a new generation

Sierra Demulder could be described as the voice of her generation. Despite her age Demulder expresses adult and serious issues perfectly in her book of poetry, The Bones Below.

She addresses issues that some poets may believe are too controversial, for example in the poem  “Mrs Dahmer”  Demulder takes on a unique perspective when speaking of the serial killer, Jeffery Dahmer, and adopts a less judgemental approach by taking on the voice of his mother, for example. ”Did you put your own heart in the freezer next to the thought of me?”  Demulder’s use of this metaphor takes away the vulgarity of the crimes and allows the reader to feel a sense of empathy, rather than disgust.

However Demulder does only write about controversial issues, she also takes on a well expressed feminist approach in many of her poems. In the poem  “Paper Dolls”  Demulder does not hold back in her gritty descriptions and interpretations of rape and how society deals with this act. Although she does not adopt a stereotypical feminist, misandrist attitude to gender politics; leaving her accessible to both male and female readers.   Demulder brings a raw, contemporary interpretation of modern feminist thinking. 

Demulder's writing could inspire generations, her modern portrayal of decade old issues provokes thought with the reader and allows them to re-think their own opinions and interpretations. If you are interested in poetry with brutal honesty, then Demulder is for you. 
Ruby Dylan

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