BEAR, the Leonberger

Born 26th May 2005, went to sleep 14th September 2012.
He LOVED: Sticks, big sticks, water, snow, the editor’s brother, pigs ears, mints, stealing cuddly toys and footballs,

food, (anyone’s food!) kids’ attention and affection, beef, beef (and beef!), hosepipes, hoovers, barking like a bass drum, bin raiding, ‘forcibly’ washing the pet rabbit, ‘mugging’ drunks and gangs of squealing teenagers, making me wait at least 20 minutes with ‘The Long Stare’ before eventually deciding to get out of the river, and generally just being with us.
 He HATED: Being brushed, being shampooed, being brushed, balloons and Christmas crackers, being brushed, eventually having to get out of the river after the 20 minute ‘Long Stare’ routine--oh, and being brushed.
  A dog of true presence and stature, and not just physically, though he did stand 6ft tall on hind legs, and weighed in at over 80 Kg (12 ½ stone).
Breathtakingly powerful, literally ( 2 broken ribs to prove it-- my fault not his).
  A gentle, tolerant and good natured soul. A majestic and profoundly beautiful animal spirit of confidence and open heart – a truly magnificent beast who drew expressions of shock and awe on every new face we passed on the streets of Glossop, and left them smiling, what a gift!
Loved and remembered by all his pack x
Darron Gates

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