Glossop Slugs and Snails Rain Misery on Gardeners

It was the best summer ever for Glossop’s slugs and snails, and one of the worst for Glossop gardens, as molluscs proliferated and devoured much of the Glossop crop. But Glossop’s gardeners have some crafty tips to share that will confound molluscs and take the dampeners off Glossop horticulture.

   Either poison slugs with pellets or encourage wildlife that eat slugs, but don’t do both. Toad and hedgehogs love to eat slugs, but when they are full of  metaldehyde it kills them. Don’t use more than the recommended amount of metaldehyde and never use methiocarb slug pellets because they will persist in the environment and kill everything that eats them.
  Snails were almost unknown in Glossop 30 years ago, and slugs from Norway and elsewhere are becoming well established.
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