How Glossop businesses can get busier online 2

Continuing our series with  Lyndon Ogden of Dark Peak Digital about getting found and getting busy online. Here we go with tip number two. Following on from my first tip about taking advantage of free advertising with Google My Business, it is worth mentioning that Bing offer the same service through Bing Places and again it costs nothing but a couple of minutes of your time to increase your web presence.

Search engines do not employ people to appraise your website. Nobody is out there, working out what you do and where you do it. Whether you spent £100 or £10,000 on your website, it matters not a jot to where your site appears in the search engine results. What search engines actually do is use a program called a Spider that automatically fetches Web pages. Spiders are used to feed pages to search engines. It's called a spider because it crawls over the Web. Because most Web pages contain links to other pages, a spider can start almost anywhere. As soon as it sees a link to another page, it goes off and fetches it.
When a person looks for something online, the search engines have to scour their billions of indexed pages and do two things – first, return only those results that are relevant or useful and second, rank those results in order of perceived usefulness. Relevance means more than simply finding a page with the correct words although this was how it was done in the early years of the web. Today, hundreds of factors influence relevance including site speed, navigation, content and links from other websites to yours.
Let’s start with something extremely basic that many businesses do not do which is put their address and phone number on every page. If you want to be found as a business in Glossop, then having your Glossop address in the footer (bottom) of each page is a great start. Having a local 01457 number is another small signal worth having.
If you expect people to visit your place of work then why not consider putting a map and some directions on the website. Embedding the Google map entry on your website is a smart idea as Google love you to use their products. It also marks you out as helpful and further increases your ‘relevance’ thus increasing your chances of a high search engine position.
Next time around, we will look at how to lay out a page in order to maximise your web presence.

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