Le Tour Comes To Longdendale, a poem by Nev McGraw

The tour is coming to Yorkshire, however can that be?
Better hang out some bunting and learn to say 'Merci'
The cyclists arrived for Le Grand Depart
Taking all of us Northerners to their heart
The Duke and Duchess, they came to us
Instead of Cambridge, caused a bit of a fuss
Jensie the oldest man in the race
Went solo through the Dales at a hell of a pace
Disappointment in Harrogate for our man Cav
As a sprinter it can be the luck you have
In the end 'twas all about Kittel
He collared le maillot jaune as well


It dawned bright in Glossop on the second day
Many worries about cars being towed away
Fears were fuelled of a total lockdown
Because the tour was coming close to town
People began to panic, a bit of a to-do
'Cos they might miss their Sunday out at B&Q
But many hiked and biked by various routes
To be enchanted by the rabbits and the fruit shoots
The crowd was captivated by the tour caravan
More 'Je ne sais quoi?' than 'Ca ne fait rien'
Standing by the roadside looking for quelque chose
Going polka dotty for caps and haribots
A multitude had assembled on iconic Holme Moss
But TV missed out Derbyshire, just didn't give a toss
And it wasn't the commentator's finest hour
In saying that the riders were descending to Ladybower
Thousands saw the peloton, a glistening mass
On it's way back to Yorkshire up a packed Woodhead Pass
More climbs were to come including Ewden Bank
For that we had the organisers to thank
It took it's toll on the riders and many were floored
Well before the denoument on Jenkin Road
The big boys all came out to play
And it was Nibali who excelled to win the day

It's all over now yet still savoured in the mind
Even though these shores have been left behind
They're already forsaking the tea for le vin
Daily they're losing their Yorkshire tan
As I ride up the valley, the yellow has gone
And yet the memories will still linger on
And in years to come, many will gladly tell their tale
About when Le Tour came to Longdendale

Nev McGraw

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