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A pdf copy of a booklet marked "A Clog Production" circa 1975?

"If, in some elaborate 'Pageant of the High Peak', the towns and villages were to be personified as women, Buxton would be a somewhat faded 'grande dame' dressed in the fading splendour of an ancient gown; Castleton a buxom country wench, wearing her rustic costume with a knowing air-and Glossop would be a decent, comely matron of good working stock, looking over her shoulder in apprehensive fashion because she realises that she is in danger of rape.

Borough of Glossop Charter of Incorporation

It's been 40 years since the Borough of Glossop was abolished and High Peak Borough Council took responsibility for Glossop. To commemorate the anniversary Viper Press have released a PDF version of the Borough Of Glossop Charter of Incorporation.  The Glossop Gazette is asking readers if they think Glossop would benefit from having its own town council. See our poll here

Whitfield Brewery

Only older readers will remember the factory which stood on the right-hand side as one went up Whitfield Cross. Two stories high it stood, the last vestige to stand was a square built brick chimney. That it was there at all was the fact that it used the water from Whitfield Wells which was reported to have "a magnificent flow of water."

John Frederic La Trobe Bateman

John Frederic La Trobe Bateman was the son of an "unsuccessful inventor" and grew up around Fairfield. He got an apprenticeship in Oldham in 1825 and started a civil engineering business eight years later that he ran single handed for the next 50 years. He visited Glossop around 1837 when he worked as surveyor on the Hurst Reservoir dam. It is said that it was at this time that he noticed how Tintwistle was ideally suited to reservoirs, and came back in 1848 to build what became the largest man-made water body on Earth; the Longdendale Chain.

Small Town Politics - Part 3

Small Town Politics part 3 - The Political Parties

Wherever one looks in England one finds local party organizations which are self- perpetuating and self-contained, busy with their own affairs, not greatly troubled from day to day by party leaders, party bureaucracy, or even by party policy. Local parties are highly individual, conditioned more by their environment than by directives from central office, and largely independent in managing their own business. It would be unwise to be dogmatic about what their business is: sometimes it is local government, sometimes social life, sometimes personal rivalries and ambitions, often a mixture of all three.

Glossop a sketch from the earliest period, Robert Hamnett 1904

Corrected 26-11-2015 - Original version of this article erroneously included a picture of James Hamnett

To celebrate the 110th anniversary of the publication of Robert Hamnett's "Glossop a sketch from the earliest period", and to mark the centenary of the author's death later this year, the book has been released as a free download by Viper Press. The book was originally published by Jenkinson & Hamnett from 55 High Street West, Glossop. It is still frequently referred to, but was not previously freely available. 

Roman Melandra Day

GLAS (Glossopdale & Longdendale Archaeological Society) is hosting a free family event at Central Methodist Hall, Chapel St, Glossop on Saturday November 10, from 10am to 4pm, with an all day cafe run by Charlesworth WI.

Gawpin’ Up with Davie Jones

Although somewhat light polluted, the skies over Glossop can still offer the amateur astronomer plenty to wonder at.

Small Town Politics part 2

Small Town Politics - part 2

Looking back, it seems as if the social structure of the town fifty years ago was fairly clear-cut. At the very peak of the social hierarchy, in a category by themselves, were the members of the Howard family, the only people in the town who would be ranked as aristocratic in the wider society of the county or the nation. Beneath the Howards were the industrialists who comprised the town's upper class. They were wealthy men, some of them wealthier than the Howards and some even millionaires, who had either grown up in Glossop or moved into it at an early age, and who owed both their fortunes and their social status to their success in developing the town's industries.

Bury me on t'ill wit' kids

Little known facts about Glossop Cemetery
Over 31,000 people are buried at Glossop Cemetery, which was first known as Allman's Heath Burial Ground and opened in 1853. This number includes 6,591 children and the ashes of 639 people buried there since 1968, but does not include mass reinterments from graveyards elsewhere in Glossop.

The impressive and improbable Hillman Imp The HBU 15D

The Hillman Imp, what's it all about? In the 40s and 50s the Rootes Group who supplied the well-to-do of England with Humbers, Singers, Sunbeams and of course Hillmans were in crisis. The company had taken a hit in sales due to the new small car boon prompted by the 1956 Suez crisis.

A Glossop Child's Wartime Memories

I have no memories of food before the war, so the war-time diet didn't matter to me. When I didn't eat much dinner (usually when there were sprouts) I was asked to 'think of the starving Russians' which made me cry but didn't help with the eating.

How Glossop businesses can get busier online 2

Continuing our series with  Lyndon Ogden of Dark Peak Digital about getting found and getting busy online. Here we go with tip number two. Following on from my first tip about taking advantage of free advertising with Google My Business, it is worth mentioning that Bing offer the same service through Bing Places and again it costs nothing but a couple of minutes of your time to increase your web presence.

Ukulele Corner: Jimmie Rodgers / George Formby Special

Between 1927 and 1933 Jimmie Rodgers was one of the biggest names in American music and had a profound effect on the development of blues and country music. Although he made just 110 recordings before dying of tuberculosis at the age of 35 his influence can be heard from Elvis and Howling Wolf to Lady Gaga and Corey Taylor. All cite Rodgers as a major influence.

I was bullied at Glossop School

A former victim of bullying looks back and offers advice

Green top milk

Green Top Milk - Once a familiar sight on every Glossop doorstep, the sale of raw unpasteurised milk was outlawed under European law, and marked the start of the demise of Glossop milk rounds. Today it is almost impossible to drink green top milk unless you have your own cow.  

Glossop in 2014 from the Glossop Gazette


A "quite distressed" heifer escaped from Mettrick's abattoir in Glossop and ran through Princess Street, Chunal Hill, Pikes Lane and Slatelands Road, . Police stopped chasing it after it jumped over a wall and headed for the moors.

High Peak Borough and Derbyshire County Councils announced that they would lend an unspecified number of million pounds to the developers of a luxury hotel project at Buxton Crescent.

Glossop was named as a "fare dodging hotspot" by Northern Rail

Nursing home Merseybank House failed to meet all Care Quality Commission standards and closed shortly afterwards.

Visitors to Glossop Cemetery were furious at their treatment by the BBC, who were filming a zombie show there.

Local MP Andrew Bingham controversially voted against a move to ban smoking in cars with children

The owners of Howardtown Mill agreed to fix pavements problems around the Marks and Spencer development at the site that had been described as "hugely dangerous". Eleven months later many of the problems remain unresolved and the site has changed ownership.

Tintwistle Villa suffered the heartache of exiting the Dore Shield after loosing a penalty shoot-out against Bakewell Town


The St Helen's Star newspaper published a sour grapes story after Gamesley defeated Billinge 2-0 in a Cheshire League 1st Division game.

Another biker was killed on the A57 Snake Pass

A girl who left Hadfield and emigrated to the USA died along with her boyfriend and a policeman in Orlando, Florida


The long awaited Local Plan was finally approved, with 1,072 houses proposed for Glossopdale.

Witnesses were sought after another serious crash on the A57 Snake Pass

Damage to Wooley Bridge resulted in long delays for commuters

The local police "Safer Neighbourhood Team" vehicle, which was partly funded by Derbyshire County Council, caught fire and was completely burned out, apparently as the result of an electric fault. The van had been left unattended near Cliffe Road for several days after thefts from allotments.


A tow truck towing a bus caused a major incident in Glossop town centre and destroyed several shop fronts. Almost miraculously there were no serious injuries. The driver and the company he works for are facing charges over the incident.

Peak District National Park Authority were besieged by objections to an application from Aztec Planning in Oldham to demolish the water works buildings next to Glossop Golf Club and create a "Gypsy-Traveller site. The  application was subsequently refused.

UKIP got most High Peak votes in European elections, with Labour Conservative, Green and Liberal Democrats in 2-5th place.

There were angry scenes at Charlesworth Parish Council meeting over the proposed gypsy traveller site.

Complaints about smells from Lancashire Chemicals resulted in HPBC using European legislation to force the company to clean up their yeast drying process.

The Glossop Gazette asked all local councils for permission to make video and audio recording of all council meetings in advance of new regulations that require them to do so. A number of local councillors refuse, but only Peak Park and Councillor John Pitchard (Whaley Bridge, Independent) granted the request.


Developers started consultation over their plans to demolish Woods Mill for  housing and retail.

Buddy Holly memorabilia was stolen from a house in Glossop

Council action on Japanese knotweed came in for serious criticism in the Glossop Gazette

Fears about traffic chaos were unfounded an folks had fun at Tombstone Junction after Glossop embraced the Tour de France 

High Peak and Debyshire County Councils announce a new partnership that promises "Investing in the library at Victoria Hall in Glossop and planning for the transfer of the Town Hall, Market Hall and Municipal Buildings to the community". Few further details are available


Another biker tragedy on the A57 Snake Pass

Police appealed for witnesses after a man was left with very serious injuries in Glossop town centre


HPBC expose land contamination consultant fraudster

Potter blue plaque unveiled in Dinting

A total of seven people were charged after August's serious assault in Glossop town centre. Trials are ongoing.

Half a million pounds to fix the town hall clock


Glossop  PC gets gold in national police judo championships

Glossopdale Community College to be rebuilt on Hadfield site

Police appeal after intruders enter a house on Shirebrook and attack a man with a machete while his family were present


Serious assault outside The Norfolk - witnesses sought

Proposed High Tech Offices for Glossop Waterworks

Witness appeal following another assault on Glossop street


HPBC claim the "chimney is coming down". But is it?

Government announce plans to build a Glossop spur road linking Woolley Bridge Road with Mottram.

Sounds like Glossop

Watch Out There’s a Quiet Loner In Town
Quiet Loner is Glossop based singer songwriter Matt Hill, previous winner of Americana UK album of the year award, who is about to release his third album, Greedy Magicians. I caught up with Matt at The Star for a timely chat about his wonderful new record and all things Glossop music.

Gawpin’ Up with Davie Jones October 2012 Part 2

OVER the last weekend, I  was camping out with a hundred or so fellow astronomers just South of Buxton at the Peak Star Party 2012. Part of the attraction was to be the Orionid meteor shower.

The Lift Global Music Club

For the last 15 years The Lift Global Music Club has brought a staggering array of world class musicians to Glossop. Founder member Rick Williams talks to the Glossop Gazette about the rise of The Lift, and why it has to end.

Charlesworth Independent Chapel 1798-1948

As part of an occasional series to mark the 100th centenary of the death of Glossop's foremost historial Robert Hamnet, the Triple Jubilee Commemoration of Charlesworth Independent Chapel has been published as a pdf file.

Glossop on t'internet

The Glossop Gazette doesn't pay much heed of t'internet because we like our news the modern way. But here's a quick review of some Glossop website for events and news we didn't have time to compile this week.

Legendary Glory Days of Glossop School Brass Band

The Glossop School Band was born in 1964; it then consisted of four second hand instruments and three players and progress over the next six years was steady rather than spectacular. By the start of the 1970's the number had grown sufficiently to attempt  contests and their results from then were truly spectacular thus starting a period over the 70's and 80's that became its 'Glory Days'. 

Glossop Chimney

Eyesore or landmark? Love it or hate it, join the debate about the future of our most controversial erection, and learn why we can’t blow it up

How Glossop businesses can get busier online

With more business than ever being transacted on the web, we asked Lyndon Ogden of Dark Peak Digital to write us a short series of articles about getting found and getting busy online. Here we go with tip number one.
Take advantage of what’s free! Google dominate the search engine business with over 90% of people looking for a product or service, using them to find what they need.

Born and Brud - Gerrard Glossop

I went to Glossop Bonfire last night. It were highly comical to see all the Shirebrook Parkers on the pavements. Using muscles they only use once a year, they come out of their houses, cast a loving look at their 4x4s, and walk to the park. First aid were on hand for any what found the trek too strenuous, and Mountain Rescue were on standby for them what took a wrong turn.

Book Review: Picking through the bones: A poet for a new generation

Sierra Demulder could be described as the voice of her generation. Despite her age Demulder expresses adult and serious issues perfectly in her book of poetry, The Bones Below.

Glossop Placenames

Paul Brotherton traces the ancient roots of Glossop

Le Tour Comes To Longdendale, a poem by Nev McGraw

The tour is coming to Yorkshire, however can that be?
Better hang out some bunting and learn to say 'Merci'
The cyclists arrived for Le Grand Depart
Taking all of us Northerners to their heart
The Duke and Duchess, they came to us
Instead of Cambridge, caused a bit of a fuss
Jensie the oldest man in the race
Went solo through the Dales at a hell of a pace
Disappointment in Harrogate for our man Cav
As a sprinter it can be the luck you have
In the end 'twas all about Kittel
He collared le maillot jaune as well

Glossop's own live theatre: Partington Players

The building on Henry Street which houses the theatre was originally the home of the Glossop Liberal Party. The foundation stone was laid by Sir Edward Partington on 1st August 1914. Building proceeded throughout the war years and was eventually completed in 1917 at a cost of just over £5,000.

BEAR, the Leonberger

Born 26th May 2005, went to sleep 14th September 2012.
He LOVED: Sticks, big sticks, water, snow, the editor’s brother, pigs ears, mints, stealing cuddly toys and footballs,

Goodbye Hurst Reservoir

After 175 years, Hurst Reservoir is being dismantled and the site will be restored to its 1820's shape. The dam will be dismantled next year and the reservoir has already been almost entirely drained.

About the Glossop Gazette

The Glossop Gazette is a registered as a newspaper under the Newspaper Libel and Registration Act 1881, N5795.

From Emerald Isle to Glossopdale

Are you an old Glossopian with an Irish name? Perhaps your forefathers were amongst the Irish migrant families who came to find employment in the middle years of the nineteenth century when the Industrial Revolution was well underway and there was work to be had in the factories of many northern towns.

Glossop Slugs and Snails Rain Misery on Gardeners

It was the best summer ever for Glossop’s slugs and snails, and one of the worst for Glossop gardens, as molluscs proliferated and devoured much of the Glossop crop. But Glossop’s gardeners have some crafty tips to share that will confound molluscs and take the dampeners off Glossop horticulture.

Small Town Politics evolves into commuter apathy

Exciting research on community life  in Glossospdale is being shunned by commuters, according to Dr Martin Phillips from the University of Leicester, who is coordinating the project. Glossop's commuters have been claiming to be "too busy" to contribute to the study, which looks at how life in Glossop has changed since the 1950s.


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