Questions for Parliamentary candidates 2015 - Part 3


We asked candidates standing in the High Peak Parliamentary election if they would be comfortable with their party's candidates in the borough council election* openly supporting the doctrine expressed in this picture, and/or recruiting people to subscribe to this: Read their answers below


(*To the best of our knowledge none of the candidates in the HPBC election have shown support for either view - the question was theoretical)


Andrew Bingham (Conservative)
I would not be comfortable with signing that petition myself.  Others have to make a judgement themselves.   Islamic extremism is a poisonous ideology, which preys on the populations of countries with weak institutions, political instability and a failure to address long-standing grievances. I do not, however, believe that extremism is an inherent characteristic of the Islamic faith. Extremism can arise within virtually any culture, and it is important to avoid conflating the beliefs of the extremists with those of ordinary Muslims across the globe, the vast majority of whom simply want to get on with their lives in security and peace. 

Caitlin Bisknell (Labour)
No, absolutely not.

Charlotte Farrell (Green)
I was totally shocked both by the picture attachment and sentiment it professed and by the petition (which luckily seems to have few subscribers).   Neither racism nor islamaphobia should be tolerated.  I know that there is a lot of unhappiness in Rotherham (where the petition seems to have originated from) but this isn’t the way of dealing with it.  The media (apologies to the Glossop gazette) have a lot to answer for in terms of the whipping up of public opinion on issues like the child abuse scandal in Rotherham.  What went on there was criminal and the failure of social services and the police to address the issues seriously equally bad, but this does not justify this kind of thinking / attack.  As in all societies there is good and bad.  All this does is lead to the different communities becoming even more segregated and not interacting one with another and learning accordingly. 

Ian Guiver (UKIP)
I don't think the Koran or any book should be banned and I wouldn't myself use the words chosen on the other entry. I believe in freedom of thought and expression. Most people come to this country to work and benefits claims from migrants are not the main issue which is rather one of numbers and the way in which mass immigration has been used by the old parties to fuel economic growth instead of upskilling British workers.
What these entries do show is how people have become worried and angry because no-one in the political class has listened to them or carried through promises made. So I don't condemn these expressions of raw frustration though I think they are misguided. I condemn the politicians who created the frustration in the first place.

Stephen Worrall (Liberal Democrats)
I would absolutely not be comfortable with any of my party’s candidates in the Borough Council elections supporting the doctrine in the attachment to your email, openly or otherwise. I would also not be at all comfortable for any of them to be recruiting people to subscribe to the Change petition you link to in your email.



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