Letter: Stop building on Glossop's green spaces

Could I point you towards a new Facebook group attempting to bring together all those who have had enough of 'building on Glossop's green spaces'. STOP BUILDING ON GLOSSOP'S GREEN SPACES.
There are many individual protests about specific plans but this is to try and bring groups together and organise a protest of some size. Hopefully, I believe, to be held in Norfolk Square on a busy weekend day to highlight the fact  that Glossop's infrastructure cannot cope with all the extra building plans that keep getting submitted and passed. The roads are gridlocked, the schools full, the dentists/doctors full. Before these plans are accepted there needs to be major infrastructure changes so the town can cope with the increase in numbers.

Also there is a belief that before green spaces like North Rd and Dinting Lane are destroyed, there are many 'brownfield sites' that could be developed but it seems these are too expensive and not as appealing to developers.
We have to accept that affordable housing is needed in Glossop to stop local people having to leave their area for housing, but plans for 3,4, and 5 bedroom luxury houses on these sites do not constitute affordable housing. All these luxury houses will do is bring more people to the area and that means taking the infrastructure beyond breaking point. The affordable housing is always the last to be built, if at all. It is not uncommon for builders to renege on their commitment to build the affordable houses once the others have been built.
We would be grateful for your support and publicity.


Jonathan Smith


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