UK's king of Japanese knotweed control says HPBC ignored all offers of help

A few weeks ago we asked Mike Clough, the head of Japanese Knotweed Solutions and  the chairman of the Invasive Non-Native Specialists Association (INNSA), to confirm that High Peak Borough Council had contacted him because they wanted a presentation for councillors as part of their strategy for controlling the nuisance plant that is taking over the town. Mr Clough, a lifelong Glossopian and son of respected teacher the late Cedric Clough, told us "I have offered repeatedly - and ten years ago offered to treat all the Japanese knotweed in Glossop free of charge! Nobody responded... I have offered many times to present to the council and this has never been taken up."

We asked HPBC to comment on Mr Clough's claims three weeks ago, but have not received a reply.

Mike Clough is founder of the UK's biggest Japanese knotweed control company.  In a candid conversation he said that Glossop had a topography that would make the systematic eradication of Japanese knotweed possible, and that at one time he thought eradicating the plant from Glossop would be a great advert for his company. The lack of interest from HPBC meant nothing was ever done.

Mr Clough also expressed caution about amateur attempts to control Japanese knotweed, summarised at

Two years ago a local group,  Glossop Knotweed Watch, suggested the plant could be removed from Glossop using trained volunteers in cooperation with local land owners and local authorities. The group has not made any progress with these aims but is producing a map of Japanese knotweed in the area that you can contribute to at

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