Fire and lots of smoke at Charlestown Works

Fire broke out at the abandoned Kooltherm factory on Charlestown Road some time between 8 and 9pm on Saturday, sending clouds of dense foul smelling smoke all over Glossop.

The Fire Service attended the blaze and the road was closed by Police, but yesterday morning most people were choosing to ignore the barriers and drive through. By Monday morning there were reports that the road had been properly blocked. Police said that there was no indication of how long the road would be closed for, but it had been reopened by Monday evening. No details of the cause of the fire are known. Aitchison Raffety applied to demolish the existing structures and erect over 100 new dwellings in 2012 and 2013. Both applications were refused by High Peak Borough Council, prompting the developers to appeal to the Planning Inspectorate. They were granted a pubic inquiry into the issue, but withdrew the appeal after HPBC approved a revised application for up to 100 dwellings on the site. Very unusually, the application was not considered by the planning committee, but decided by a local planning officer.

Picture above courtesy of James Sills

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