Mystery of burned out police van on Cliffe Road

An unattended, burned out, police van on Cliffe Road was the subject of much speculation in Glossop this morning. The van had apparently been parked up for a few days, but was not seen to be damaged until this morning. Speculative explanations include that it was left there unattended as a deterrent against allotment thefts. A police spokesman said "Yes we are aware of the van and it is one of ours.  It was reported to be on fire at midnight.  Initial examination suggests that there are no suspicious  circumstances but the fire service will be finalising their investigation in the next few days." When asked to confirm that the vehicle had been parked there for some time they replied "It had been there for some time for operational reasons we can’t discuss.  It had not broken down".

 A local councillor suggested that the  van may be the local "Safer Neighbourhood Team" vehicle, which was partly funded by Derbyshire County Council. The police said "It is a divisional resource that is sometimes used by the local Safer Neighbourhood team."


Picture courtesy of Andrew Wrigley

Picture courtesy of Andrew Wrigley


Picture courtesy of Phillip Ross


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