Glossop stench is Lancashire Chemicals' yeast process

A new and unpleasant smell has been reported in Glossop, and locals suspicions that a new process at Lancashire Chemicals may be to blame have proved correct. The smell has been around for almost a month, A spokesperson for High Peak Borough Council said: “Environmental Health's Pollution Team has recently received a number of complaints in connection with a strong odour associated with a new commercial process introduced at Lancashire Chemicals. The process involves the drying of yeast and causes a strong odour similar to that associated with brewing. Whilst it can be unpleasant at certain times, the odour is not harmful.

“The Council’s Pollution Officer is working with the company and the Environment Agency to find a way forward on the regulation of the process and the mitigation of the odour, and good progress is being made.”

We have asked Lancashire Chemicals about it and will publish any response from them when we receive it.

View over Lancashire Chemicals by by William Binns

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