Sign to be moved and tactile paving replaced at Glossop M&S store

Real Estate Development Property Services have finally agreed to move the sign that blocks the pavement, to change the tactile paving in two areas and to widen the footpath by whitelining a parking bay at Howard Town Mill. The move comes after over a year of complaints about the HPBC approved layout for the pavements at Glossop's M&S store, which has been almost universally condemned as dangerous. The move is a victory for common sense, although HPBC has yet to admit that its Planning and Building Control teams were to blame for allowing the developers to build in such an unorthodox way.

The breakthrough finally came after a meeting requested by Councillor Ellie Wilcox and the High Peak Access Group. Neither HPA or Cllr. Wilcox had commented at the time of writing. No time frame for the changes has been announced.

The Glossop Gazette has been a lone voice in the media drawing attention to the lamentable and dangerous state of the pavements at Howard Town Mill, Glossop. Over a year ago we organised a meeting with Real Estate Development, who developed the site in partnership with Peveril Securities. At first it looked like common sense would prevail, but shortly afterwards the developers shirked responsibility, on the grounds that HPBC planners had approved the layout. Disingenuous comments from some local councillors, particularly executive member for regeneration Godfrey Claff, attempted to belittle the problem, or blame councils run by opposing political parties.


Why didn't HPBC admit that it had made mistakes in approving the pedestrian facilities at Howardtown Mill, and what can be done to ensure nothing similar ever happens again? Why didn't other newspapers think the story was worthy of publication? The Glossop Gazette may never get advertising revenue from Marks and Spencer but, once the pavements have been improved, we will sleep a little bit easier.

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