Glossop "zombie cemetery" infuriates mourners

According to a story on the Daily Fail website mourners at Glossop cemetery were very upset to find the place "crawling" with BBC crew filming a show about zombies. HPBC had agreed to let the BBC use the cemetery to film the show about the "living dead" on condition that access to the graveyard was no disrupted and that no names on headstones were visible. According to the article the BBC had apologised for upsetting the bereaved and said that the fining took place with the full consent of the council. We asked HPBC how much they had been paid buy the BBC, and will publish any reply we get here.


Glossop Cemetery first opened in 1853 as Allman's Heath Burial Ground. Over 31,000 people are buried there, including over 6,500 children.

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