M&S refuse interview request with Glossop Store Manager

Marks and Spencer have refused a request from the Glossop Gazette for an interview with their Howardtown, Glossop store manager. In response to the request their PR firm said "if you do contact the store manager she will simply refer you to the PR contact, which is myself, as we deal with all the media in the area. We respond on behalf of the store and the company as a whole".

When we replied making it clear that we wanted them to set up the interview they said "With regards to an interview with the store manager, our position remains the same as discussed on Tuesday so we have nothing more to add. Our responses are on behalf of the M&S store and company as a whole".

Marks and Spencer must be aware of the state of the pedestrian access at their newly built store in Howardtown. It is inconceivable that, neither during the planning of the building nor in the year that it has been opened, nobody noticed that the pavements led nowhere, were too narrow to walk along, and were blocked by lampposts and signs. Nor could they have failed to notice that the tactile pavement on the site leads people with impaired vision into the obstacles and onto roads. Marks and Spencer must also be aware that their customers' prams, wheelchairs and mobility scooters are forced onto the road on multiple occasions every time they to try to access the store from Victoria Street. They know it, but they don't want to address the problem because, like everybody else in this sorry saga, they didn't pay any attention to the pavement system before the store was built, and changing it now would be an admission that mistakes had been made.

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