Not a single complaint about Marks & Spencer Howardtown Pavements


 Marks and Spencer, who have over 1000 stores in over 40 countries, issued a  statement about their pavements at Howardtown Glossop: An M&S Spokesperson said: “We always value customer feedback, in this instance there have been no complaints or concerns raised about access to our Glossop store.”


In February 2013, we wrote to Marks and Spencer asking about the pavements between Victoria Street and their Howardtown store, and the Marks and Spencer/Travelodge sign that blocks part of the path. Although we spoke to their PR firm, we never received a written statement that we could publish. We wrote to them again this month asking if Marks and Spencer had any concerns about pedestrian access to their store in Glossop, if they agreed that the sign they share with Travelodge is dangerous and if they would have any objections to it being removed. Their answer, that no complaints whatsoever have been made to the store (except presumably by the Glossop Gazette) is surprising considering the very negative comments made by the vast majority of pedestrians using the site.

The customer is always right, and even a £10 billion turnover cannot change that. We have asked M&S for an interview with their Glossop store manager in case he has noticed anything amiss with the pedestrian walkways. Meanwhile anybody who has concerns about the pavements can contact Marks and Spencer on Facebook, Twitter or at your friendly local store.

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