Advice for contributors - primary evidence

News articles for inclusion in the Glossop Gazette must adhere to IPSO's Editor's Code of Practise and also to Glossop Gazette's primary evidence policy. This requires that statements, actions or opinions attributed to a third party must be backed up with primary evidence. The primary evidence may be in the public domain (in which case the source should be cited) or else a copy of the primary evidence should be lodged with the Glossop Gazette as a safeguard against complaints or accusations of falsity. The primary evidence must have been collected in compliance with the relevant legislation. If anonymity is requested, the Glossop Gazette will not reveal sources of primary evidence under any circumstances. News articles that contain statements of fact not fully substantiated by primary evidence will not be included in the Glossop Gazette.

If you have questions about what constitutes primary evidence and how it may be collected lawfully please contact the editor.


Complaints about Glossop Gazette

The editor will attempt to resolve substantial complaints and queries from individuals who think we have breached the Editors' Code and are directly affected by it. As such, the editor reserves the right not to consider complaints from people not personally and directly affected by the matter which forms the subject of the complaint, or that are trivial, insignificant or hypothetical.

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