Who's watching the show?

Two acclaimed High Peak musicians have collaborated on a brand new show all about surveillance. The new production from Glossop based singer-songwriters Steve Roberts and Matt Hill, is called '2084' and will receive its world première at Buxton Fringe Festival in July. The show is set in the year '2084' where our every thought, movement and word are under surveillance by the authorities. Twelve original songs explore themes like regret, betrayal, resistance and defiance. The live performances will be interspersed with snatches of a conversation as the audience 'eavesdrop' on a couple as they relax at home.

Rod Holt


Rod Holt was born and grew up in Wardle, just 3 miles from the Pennine Way and moved to Glossop twenty years ago, to live 3 miles from the Pennine Way.

Jack Theobald & Will Collins

Simon Parkin

Simon Parkin - Beyond Seeing. Paintings inspired by India.

By Adrian Lambert

Effectively conveying something through a creative medium requires more than just talent. And contrary to what some may think, well regarded and collectable artists are some of the hardest working people on the planet. Long hours toiling away in solitary (creative) confinement is the norm for those select few that have the unwavering focus to live life hand in hand with their chosen topic. Simon Parkin is one of those artists.

Mystery over whereabouts of £100,000+ Glossop picture

Has Lord Doverdale been moved to Buxton from his spiritual home in Glossop? Only HPBC know the answer, and they are not telling! A valuable portrait of Lord Doverdale, AKA Edward Partington, that used to hang in the Mayor’s Parlour in the Municipal Buildings until at least 1973, has been removed from Glossop Town Hall and taken to a secret location, believed to be Buxton.

From Issue 1

Art and poems from Issue 1 of Glossop Gazette

Tom Swindell

Makeup. An ex girlfriend who spent inordinate amounts of time putting on makeup was the inspiration for this two-faced work.

Poetry Passion and Painting

Woman by the Sea inspired by Wallace Stevens poem The Idea of Order at Key West, part of Ghislaine Howard's new exhibition Poetry Passion and Painting which opens at The Wendy J Levy Gallery on Friday the 3rd May and runs until the 24th May.

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