Glossop Gazette asks for permission to make video and audio recording of all council meetings

Following the refusal of Councillor David Mellor, chairman of HPBC's Development Control Committee, to allow the Glossop Gazette to make recordings at a meeting of that committee in April last year, the Glossop Gazette has written to the chairs of all committees and the main council, formally requesting permission to make audio and video recordings of council meetings open to the public in accordance with national government guidelines.

We will publish all responses on this page. Such recordings will be in the interests of accountability and open government, although it is likely to be opposed by many councillors, few of whom believe that their votes or behaviour at meetings should be routinely recorded. A similar request has been made to Derbyshire County Council, Charlesworth Parish Council and Peak District National Park Authority

Jim Dixon, the Chief Executive of Peak District National Park Authority said "Our policy is that you are able to record our committees when members sit in Part A in public.  We would be grateful if when doing so you could make the fact that you are recording known to the Chair through our Democratic Services team at Aldern House."

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