Glossop Facebook group disappears

Members of Glossop's biggest social networking group were surprised to find the group had been removed by Facebook yesterday. The group, which had over 11,000 members on Sunday morning, was apparently removed after disgruntled members of a rival group reported it en masse. In a message to the group administrators one person said: "The glossop page was removed because everybody you banned joined the glossopdale group....and in turn we all reported you to facebook for being a ****!!!! Enjoy your sunday loser!!".


Administrators of the group said that it didn't contain anything unsuitable for 13 years olds and was very strictly moderated.  "This isn't the first time we've experienced problems from ex-members of the group but it's disappointing for the thousands of people who used the group on a daily basis, and of some concern that Facebook would remove it without examining the content and simply because of complaints from people who had been banned for breaking the rules. The gentleman who sent the message had been banned from the group for threatening violence against a parking attendant, and he and others obviously felt very strongly about being removed. It isn't clear whether the group will be reinstated. Apologies to members for the inconvenience".

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