Glossopian excels in US college sports

Glossop native Jamie Hinchliffe, who attended Glossopdale Community College, is delivering outstanding performances in U.S. college "soccer". Midfielder Jamie is currently in his first semester at Monroe College in New York, and in 11 games has contributed an impressive 10 goals with two assists to help the Monroe Mustangs  remain unbeaten so far this season. Currently, they stand at 10-0-1 and are ranked #1 in the nation by the National Junior College Athletics Association (NJCAA).


We asked Jamie:
1. How long have you been in the US and what are you studying at Monroe College?
I have been in the USA for two months now, and I am studying business management at Monroe College.

2. Did you previously play for teams in Glossop?
The previous teams I played for were Bolton Wanderers and Sheffield United.
3. Can you get pies at American football matches, and if so how do they compare with Glossop pies?
No, haha -- sadly, you can't get pies at football matches over here in the USA. I'm sure they wouldn't compare to Glossop pies anyway!
4. Would you say there is more or less "diving" in American matches?
Fortunately, there's been no real diving in matches that I have been involved in -- on either side of the pond. However I would say American teams are more physical in their style of play, possibly because they lack the sheer technical ability that English players have. Football is in our blood.
5. What's the best thing about playing football in the USA?
The best thing about playing football out here is that my teammates and coaching staff have been incredibly supportive and are really helping me to hone my skills. Also, at the moment the weather is very nice to play in --it has been hot most days.
6. What do you miss most about Glossop?
The thing I miss most about Glossop is my friends and family, but it's worth it to be here. I hope I am making them proud!
7. What are your plans after graduation?
After graduating I'd like to remain in the football industry, whether it is coaching or playing at a higher level. Either way, I'll have my business degree and that will definitely expand my career opportunities.

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