SOUL "shocked and extremely disappointed" over library bombshell

Glossop's Save Our Unique Library group, who have run a lengthy campaign to restore the Victoria Hall to full use, say they are "shocked and immensely disappointed" at the announcement that the the library will leave the building and questioned the £3 million that local councillors say it might cost to repair the building and refurbish the library in its current location. The group has met the councillors and members of HPBC, who told them that they are unable to issue a jont statement with Derbyshire County Council because they are also questioning the costings. SOUL appealed to locals for financial support to help conduct a feasibility study of the Victoria Hall. Full press release below.

We received notification on Wednesday 7th October, at the same time as the residents living in the vicinity of the Victoria Hall, that DCC propose to move the library out of the building to one of two possible sites. An extension to the existing Adult Education Centre or a new build on the car park of the same. We were invited by the signatories of the letter, DCC Councillors,  to discuss the contents at a meeting the same evening.
In view of all the effort undertaken by ourselves and the views expressed in our surveys by the people of Glossopdale regarding their wishes to retain the library in the Victoria Hall we, and we suspect the residents of Glossopdale, are shocked and immensely disappointed.
We questioned the estimated £3million costings and have asked for a breakdown of those costs, which the DCC Councillors agreed to provide.
We suggested a third option of working with us to keep the library in the Victoria Hall and for DCC to support our objective, which has always been to raise funds to assist in the preservation of the Victoria Hall , for its sustainable viable future.  

We have subsequently met with the leader of HPBC (Tony Ashton), the Executive Director of HPBC ( Mark Trillo) and  HPBC Councillor Tony Kemp.
They informed us that they had intended to issue a joint statement with DCC but were unable to do this whilst they , too , were questioning the costings of £3million.

SOUL are in the process of becoming a Charitable Incorporated Organisation ( CIO) and are ready to apply for funding for a feasibility study on the building. HPBC have agreed to give our architect access to the building in order to produce our feasibility study. To augment this funding we would welcome any offers of financial support from businesses or members of the public who share our aims.

We are pursuing this because our survey results indicate how passionately the people of Glossopdale feel about retaining  library services within the Victoria Hall.
Ultimately we would be aiming to utilise the whole of the building for public use honouring the terms of the Covenant.  

Michael Clarke  Chair SOUL ( Save our Unique Library)


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