Councillors say Victoria Hall no longer viable as a library

Local residents have been surprised to receive a letter from three Derbyshire County Councillors telling them that Glossop Library will be moved out of Victoria Hall. The letter, signed by local councillors Ellie Wilcox, Damien Greenhalgh and Dave Wilcox states that "Because of the financial situation facing both Derbyshire County Council and High Peak Borough Council, the cost of the repairs and the high cost of running the building it has been agreed by both councils that Victoria Hall isn’t a viable place in which to continue to run a library fit for the 21st century".

The letter claims that the cost of fixing the building and refurbishing the library could be as high as £3 million and states "Derbyshire County Council will now consult local people on two options, both on the site of the current Glossop Adult Education building, for a new venue for the library. The first option is to build a separate library in the car park, the other is to build an extension, sympathetic to the design of the Adult Centre, attached to the existing building." The councillors are holding four public surgeries on Monday 12 October 2015, three at the Adult Education Centre at 10:30am, 12:30pm and 15:30pm and one at Bradbury House at 18:30pm.

In May 2013 the two newly elected councillors pledged to keep the library at Victoria Hall  We asked councillors Ellie Wilcox and Damien Greenhalgh:
1. How long have you known about this?
2. Have you issued any public statement about this by any medium?
3. Considering the link below, do you have any other comments?

The councillors replied in a joint email, declining to answer the questions in print and stating that "The letter we put out this afternoon set out the situation from our situation - as local County Councillors" and that they are "waiting [for] an official joint statement from the borough and county councils". They issued an additional statement on 9th October that you can read here.

Newly elected councillors Damien Greenhalgh and Ellie Wilcox shredding plans for a new library from a 2013 press release

This article was edited for accuracy on 9th September 2015, you can see the original article here

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