Mystery of Glossop Town Hall missing treasures

At the "Open Halls" consultation held by High Peak Borough Council in June 2012 interested parties were allowed inside Glossop's crumbling Town Hall. During that visit the editor of the Glossop Gazette found two of Glossop's treasures lying forgotten in the dust; The" Borough of Glossop Roll of Honorary Freemen" and the "Borough of Glossop Visitors' Book" from the old Mayor's Parlour.  High Peak Borough Council staff were alerted, who removed the items, saying that they would be given to the Glossop Heritage Trust. However, more than two years later the Heritage Trust remained unaware of the items.

We have asked High Peak Borough Council to confirm that they still have these irreplaceable books, and what they intend to do with them. Any response received will be included here.

In July 2014 a number of items of furniture were removed from Glossop Town Hall. We know that in 2012 the building still contained, among other items, furniture donated to the Corporation of Glossop in 1922 by Sam Bamforth and wall panels listing the Mayors of Glossop from 1866 to 1974. We have asked HPBC where these items are now and what they intend to do with them. Any response received will be included here.

Back in 2012 we reported that a picture of Edward Partington, AKA Lord Doverdale, attributed to John Sargent, donated to The Borough of Glossop in 1950 and valued at £120,000 had been removed from Glossop Town Hall and was bring kept at a secret location by HPBC. The council refused to confirm runners that the picture was in Buxton, saying that "The Council has been advised by its insurers that they would prefer its precise location not to be disclosed to members of the public because of potential concerns regarding safety and security. The Council considers the release of the current location to be exempt under Section 43 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. If the location of the painting was known this could lead to theft which may affect the cost of the Council’s insurance premium". We asked HPBC if this is still the case, and will include any response received here.

High Peak Borough Council do not have a good track record of protecting Glossop's treasures, and the trend of items being taken to Buxton and never seen again is a worrying one that has been repeated over and over again since 1974.


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