High Peak Borough Council force Lancashire Chemicals to eliminate the stink

Complaints to HPBC about the stench created by a new yeast-drying process at Lancashire chemicals has prompted strict action by the council's Environmental Health Department. At the end of April the Pollution Control Officer issued a "community information letter" outlining the relevant legislation and the steps that were being taken to address the problem with the company. An update this month says that the council have ordered Lancashire Chemicals to stop the yeast drying process for up to three weeks from August 22nd to "allow the upgrade of the odour abatement equipment to meet the standards required by the council... which include a requirement for no offensive odour to be detectable at the site boundary. A short test period will then be allowed for measurements to be carried out and fine tuning of the process as part of the permit application process".


The upgrade required is understood to include a two phase "wet scrubbing" of the air used to dry yeast, and a better operating system for the scrubbers.  According to the Pollution Control Officer the process will not be allowed to operate without a permit after the upgrades have been completed, and a permit will not be issued unless the process is shown to be fully compliant with the appropriate legislation.

Earlier we reported that the council had received at least 45 complaints about the stench and that strict European legislation (Pollution Prevention and Control) was being implemented to deal with it. Local residents we spoke to had nothing but praise for the council, both for keeping residents informed of developments and for finding a solution that ensures Glossop gets rid of what has become known as the "Lancashire Stink".

View over Lancashire Chemicals by by William Binns

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