Police appeal after new North Road estate is vandalised

Sometime between 4pm yesterday (Tuesday, August 16) and 8.45am this morning (Wednesday, August 17) offenders have caused mass damage at a site where new homes are being built along North Street in Glossop. Vandals have thrown paint across the front of the show home, smashed fence panels, pulled the drainpipe from the building, and upturned plants in the garden.


Whether a Wetherspoon?

Both Marks & Spencer and J.D. Wetherspoon have been refused planning permission at Howardtown Mill in the last month, casting doubt on when Glossop’s Wetherspoons, which will not be called “The Dead Bat”, will be opened.


Glossop’s A-board clutter worst in UK

Following comments from Glossop’s Visual Impairment Group the Glossop Gazette conducted a survey of pavement A-boards on Glossop’s pavements last Saturday and found 78 of them, surpassing anything found in a UK wide survey conducted by the Guide Dogs Association last summer.


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