Simmondley - Conservative stronghold?

Glossop elections 2015 - ward by ward

Simmondley has two councillors. In 2003 one Labour and one Liberal Democrat were elected, since then both seats have been held by Conservatives. The current councillors are John Haken, first elected in 2007, and Julie McCabe, who beat her Labour rival by 75 votes. Overall Conservatives gained  46% of the oval vote, Labour 37% and Liberal Democrats 16%. In 2015 the candidates are Masha Bennett (Green), Murray Booth (Liberal Democrat), Graham Fox (Labour), Ayshea Garbutt (Liberal Democrat), John Haken (Conservative), Stella Margaret Hutchinson (Labour), Julie Ann McCabe (Conservative) and David Phillips (UKIP). As of 2nd May, two of the Simmondley candidates had answered our questions.

Voter turnout in High Peak Borough Council elections (zero values indicate uncontested seat)

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