Old Glossop - the most marginal seats in town

Glossop elections 2015 - ward by ward


Old Glossop has two councillors and was represented only by independents from its creation in 2003 until 2011, when Gary Parvin (Labour) won a seat. The other councillor, Chris Webster, is independent and has held the seat since 2003. Overall Labour got 43% of the total vote, the Conservatives 35% and independent 22%. The last election was very close run, with four candidates (Labour, Conservative and independent) polling between 653 and 687 votes each. In 2015 the candidates are Moira Cunningham (Labour), Jamie Douglas (Conservative), Paul Francis Hardy (Conservative), Neil Johnstone (independent), Margo McKenna (Green), Garry Lawrence Parvin (Labour), Michael Graham Perry (UKIP) and Christopher John Webster (independent). As of 2nd May, five of the Old Glossop had answered our questions.

Voter turnout in High Peak Borough Council elections (zero values indicate uncontested seat)

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