List of Glossop's candidates for HPBC election 2015

The statements of persons nominated for the High Peak Borough Council election on 9th May 2015 has been published. In total 54 people are contesting 16 seats on the council. All councillors elected in 2011 are standing for re-election with the exception of Colin Waude (Howard Town), Victoria Mann (Hadfield North), David Mellor (Hayfield) and Ellie Wilcox (Padfield). The full list of candidates is below

Stephen Philip Bosett-Roberts (Green)
Sylvia Hall (UKIP)
Benjamin Hopkins (Labour)
Jean Wharmby (Conservative)

Peter Duncan Allen (Green)
Brian Evans (Conservative)
Anthony Edward McKeown (Labour)

Hadfield North
Marie Melita Foote (Conservative)
Ed Kelly (Labour)
Richard Francis Moore (UKIP)

Hadfield South (Two seats)
Trish Boyle (UKIP)
Pat Ellison-Reed (UKIP)
Ann Flavell (Conservative)
Steve Foote (Conservative)
Bob McKeown (Labour)
Melanie Denise O'Brien (Green)
Edward Siddall (Labour)

Peter Albert Easter (Conservative)
Dave Gates (Labour)
Karen Hunt (Green)
Martin Thomas Beynon Jones (Liberal Democrat)

Howard Town (Two seats)
Godfrey Claff (Labour)
Damien Thomas Greenhalgh (Labour)
Paul Lomas (Conservative)
Robert O'Connor (Green)

Old Glossop (Two seats)
Moira Cunningham (Labour)
Jamie Douglas (Conservative)
Paul Francis Hardy (Conservative)
Neil Johnstone (independent)
Margo McKenna (Green)
Garry Lawrence Parvin (Labour)
Michael Graham Perry (UKIP)
Christopher John Webster (independent)

Peter James Kay (Conservative)
Nick Longos (Labour)

Simmondley (Two seats)
Masha Bennett (Green)
Murray Booth (Liberal Democrat)
Graham Fox (Labour)
Ayshea Garbutt (Liberal Democrat)
John Haken (Conservative)
Stella Margaret Hutchinson (Labour)
Julie Ann McCabe (Conservative)
David Phillips (UKIP)

St John's
Chris Boyle (UKIP)
Rob McKeown (Labour)
George David Wharmby (Conservative)
Stephen David Worrall (Liberal Democrat)

Pat Jenner (Labour)
David Mark Novakovic (Conservative)
John Simon Reed (UKIP)

Ian Michael Baker (Conservative)
Chris Cuff (Green)
Murgan William Kerr (UKIP)
Graham Oakley (Labour)

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