Glossop Carnival /Tour de France weekend weather prediction from Dr Boylebodie

No matter what sign of the zodiac you belong to, the weather will be the same this weekend. Weather is one of those fundamental things that affect rich and poor, Aries and Scorpio, young and old in equal measure. Weather is not easy to forecast because the insipid generalisations that pass as horoscopes do not cut the mustard in meteorological predictions. People want to know will it rain or won't it? Will there be sunshine? Will there be snow?


All I can tell you is that weather, like life, is a mixture of nice and nasty, hot and cold, wet and dry, sunshine and cloud. It might rain, it probably will. But some sunlight will penetrate the clouds and blue skies will appear again over Glossop (though not necessarily this weekend). You're not made of salt, so get over it and enjoy the busiest weekend in the history of Glossop, without regard to the climatic conditions.

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