United Utilities announce major breakthrough in fight against Japanese knotweed in Glossop

Following our earlier features in 2012 and last month about a large area of Japanese knotweed at the edge of Swineshaw Reservoir, Polly Rouke at United Utilities told the Glossop Gazette “We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously including invasive species like Japanese knotweed on our land.

We have now confirmed that the patches of knotweed near Swineshaw are on our land but they are not near the river and are quite stable with little sign of having spread. We are meeting a contractor in the next week or so to discuss tackling it. Knotweed is a very persistent weed and eradication will take us some time and may require the temporary fencing off of the affected areas whilst this is carried out.”

The news is a very significant boost for hopes to clear the town of the invasive plant, because the Swineshaw outbreak is the most upstream infection at Blackshaw Clough and would undermine any attempts to eradicate the plant further downstream.  Over the next few weeks we will be contacting other local landowners responsible for knotweed outbreaks to ask them how they will prevent it spreading to neighbouring properties and beyond. 

Area to be treated at Swineshaw Reservoir (arrow) and approximate location of some other areas infected with Japanese knotweed in Old Glossop.

From Glossop Knotweed Watch 2012 (Source)


Japanese knotweed at Swineshaw Reservoir, June 2014

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