Wooley Bridge Road - How not to deal with Japanese Knotweed

There is so much Japanese Knotweed on Wooley Bridge Road it was impossible to measure its area. On Friday evening children were playing in the knotweed, tearing  up plants and throwing them at each other, blissfully unaware that they were in contravention of the 1990 Environmental Protection Act and the 1991 Environmental Protection Act (Duty of Care) Regulations. The knotweed has spread right up to the boundary of adjoining houses. Viable fragments are scattered all over the pavement and road, threatening to infect wherever they end up.

When we asked Derbyshire County Council in 2012 they told us that they had treated knotweed at the adjacent St Charles' School in 2011, and had removed it in 2012. They were planning to check the site again in 2013. They told us "Japanese Knotweed is still present on adjoining land at Woolley Bridge Road, not owned by the county council. We do not know who the owner is and therefore we have been unable to notify them". We have written to them asking for updates and will include any response received.

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